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Trails Club of Oregon welcomes you!

An enthusiastic Group dedicated to enjoying and preserving the great outdoors. We sponsor year-round hiking and many other recreational activities for a variety of performance levels. Many of our events are hosted at our lodges -- Nesika in the Columbia River Gorge and Tyee on Mt. Hood. Guests are welcome on all scheduled club activities.

To see what we are doing:

TCO Annual Meeting - Sunday November 11th, 2018
See Details here

New TCO web site

Behind the scenes we have been working on a new version of the Trails Club web site. While it is not complete, we are ready to let folks have a peek to see where we are headed. Comments are welcome, but keep in mind that this is a work in progress. It is also the product of a club volunteer, Raya B. who has donated her time to create this site, and Joel Reitz for helping roll it out. Click Here to explore the new web site

Nesika update 8/15/2018


I am sure everyone is aware of how much our property in the scenic area suffered during the eagle creek fire of September 2017. Many, many volunteers have helped to move us along towards restoring Nesika to a more useable condition. With the resurrection of our hauling trailer and the donation of a tractor, our work has become more manageable. We have moved more than 3800 lbs of scrap metal to the recyclers. We have cleared access for the tractor from the parking lot to the lodge and we have cut, split and stacked more than 7 cords of wood for future heating of the lodge.
We hauled the generator to town for evaluation and service. The plan is to have it back at the lodge for the September work trip. A new water tank has been ordered and we hope to place it in September as well. The work has been hot, dirty and difficult but it is the heart of the volunteers that keeps us moving forward.
The point to be made here is that none of this would have been achieved without your volunteer support. Thank you all who have helped Nesika thru donations of labor or love. You all humble us with your support.
Respectfully, Glen and Linda Conrad

Reminder: We are still working under a limited access permit from the forest service since we are still in the area closed by the 2017 fire. Nesika can be accessed only during work weekends. People must be registered and come and go with the group.

There is a huge need for volunteers to help with fire recovery efforts. Getting involved in trail rebuilding takes us back to the very roots of the Trails club.

In order to assist and sign up for trail work use the following web sites:
Trail Keepers of Oregon: www.trailkeepersoforegon.org
Pacific Crest Trail Assn: www.pcta.org
Washington Trails Assn: www.wta.org

We have lost both dorms and most of the equipment we have been using to operate Nesika. We know we will have to replace equipment (trailers, tools), and we will have some key facilities (water, sanitary, power) repairs to do. There will also be road repair work to do which will likely be quite extensive. So we have started fundraising to offset the costs. Click The Donate button below to contribute to our recovery fund that will help get Nesika Lodge back in operation.


There are a lot of pictures of Nesika, pre and post fire, on the site http://www.NesikaLodge.com

Please remember that the area is still closed to public access because it is unsafe to be there. Hazards such as trees and rocks made unstable by the fire which could fall causing injury or death.
The Trails club Lock has been removed from the gate and replaced by a lock with a limited key distribution to keep TCO folks from being tempted to enter the closed area. This will be the setup until the area is opened again for general public access. Ongoing information is being posted on our Facebook group (link above).

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Starting to look like winter at Tyee