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Trails Club Backpacking

Our backpacks are open to both Trail Club members and non-members. If you have questions about a specific backpack or would like to apply for that backpack, contact the leader. The Trails Club is not a travel agency, and the leader is not a tour leader but rather a fellow explorer who is willing to take on the tasks of leadership. Any member can organize and lead a backpack if he or she meets the Trails Club leadership qualifications.

The Trips Committee provides approval and oversight of all Trails Club backpacks since we currently have no Backpack Coordinator. The first point of contact for any backpack proposal is the Trips Chair. For more information, please contact Trips chair at TripsChair@trailsclub.org.

The Backpack Coordinator job is a one-year commitment. This Coordinator finds leaders for backpack events and oversees publishing event notices by the deadline each month. There are backpack leaders who will help if an overall coordinator becomes available. Contact the Trips Chair if you are a club member and would like to help with this.

Backpack Forms and Information

Backpack Leader Forms and Information is a packet of documents for backpack leaders. The packet includes club policies for backpacks, planning information, and all the forms needed. All leaders should read this entire document and then use the appropriate forms.

Backpack Participant Forms and Information is a packet of documents for backpack participants. It includes the forms that participants need to register for, and attend, a backpack.

Backpack Forms and Information Packets
Backpack Leader Forms and Information PDF
Backpack Participant Information PDF

Individual forms are available in the Individual Forms section below.

Backpack Events

June 17-18 Saturday to Sunday Beginners backpack up Badger Creek. Class A July 28-29 Friday to Saturday Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge. We will do a car shuttle and come out down the Paradise Park Trail Class A-B Aug 25-26 Friday to Saturday Elk Cove via the Vista Ridge Trail Class A-B All backpacks will be one night, two days. Write ups will be in time for Blazer cutoff. Thanks, Bill Yandon
Date Event Description Class Leader
June 17-18 (Sat-Sun) Badger Creek A Bill Yandon
July 1-13 (Sat-Thu) Cumberland Pass North C Linda Conrad
July 28-29 (Fri-Sat) Paradise Park from Timberline A/B Bill Yandon
Aug 25-26 (Fri-Sat) Elk Cove via the Vista Ridge Trail A/B Bill Yandon

Cumberland Pass North - July 1-13 (Sat-Thu)

As a Long Distance Backpacker I have always enjoyed linear hiking. That is hiking from point A to Point B. I am looking for 2 to 4 people to include at least one to two other women to hike with me in Colorado doing the southern most 120-130 miles.
I am currently asking around for a shuttle driver. We would give the shuttle driver use of the car for no charge. The Shuttle Driver would need to provide their gas for extra travel outside of getting us to and from the trail heads and resupply at Wolf Creek Pass. We would fly out of Portland to Denver on July 2nd or late afternoon of July 1st and Fly Home on July 13th.

For more information Please contact Linda Conrad.
Full details are available here

Additional Backpack Information

Note: Backpack Coordinator Needed

Leaders willing to help with backpacks

Name Email Phone
Gregg Carsen chopperusa@hotmail.com 503-410-9975
Linda Conrad LCGRConrad@AOL.com 360-837-3875
Rich Fuhs Rich.Fuhs@Comcast.net 503-690-5077
Roger & Karen Anderson p74852@gmail.com 360-450-9199
Bill Yandon wkyandon@earthlink.net 503-538-3643
Diana Forester diana_forester@msn.com 503-288-7782
503-422-8896 (cell)

Individual Backpack Forms

Backpack Leader Forms

Leader Instructions and list Word PDF
Leader Tips Word PDF
Backpack Trip Rating Guide Word PDF
Backpack Write-up for Blazer & Web Word PDF
Sample Backpack Details / Prospectus Word PDF
Sample Distance versus Elevation chart-sample Excel PDF
Application for Backpack   PDF
Medical Emergency Rescue Request   PDF
Emergency Contact Information   PDF
Trip Log / Sign-up sheet Word PDF
Trip Report Word PDF
Participant Feedback Word PDF
Leader Requirements Word PDF

Backpack Participant Forms

Participant Instructions and list Word PDF
Before Going with the Group   PDF
Backpack Trip Rating Guide Word PDF
Application for Backpack   PDF
Emergency Contact Information   PDF
Participant Feedback Word PDF
Backpacking Tips Word PDF