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Welcome Bicyclers!

Bicycle season for 2017 is here.
Watch this page for bike rides throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.

For questions or if you would like to volunteer to lead a ride please contact the bicycle Coordinator (see below).

Bicycle Schedule 2017: (Just getting started...)

Date (2017) Event Description Leader
Apr 13 (Thu) Dairy Creek Rd Gisela Piercy
Apr 18 (Tue) Tax Free Ride-Mt Tabor/Sellwood JoAnn Klassen
Apr 23 (Sun) Burnt Bridge Creek - Frenchman's Bar - Class A or B Terry Lawson
May 4 (Thu)Bike-n-Dine: SW Portland to North Portland - Class A Audrey Perino
May 7 (Sun)Blue Lake Park Bike Ride - Class B Terry Lawson
May 13 (Sat)I-5/I-205 Bridge Loop - Class B Chaz Shaw
May 18 (Thu) Rood Br/Fernhill Wetlands Gisela Piercy
May 20 (Sat) Sandy River Exploration Dave Crout
May 21 (Sun) Covered Bridges - Class C Chaz Shaw
May 30 (Tue) Mosier Tunnels - Class A and B Catherine Schiedler
Jun 1 (Thu) Smell the Roses: Butteville/Heirloom Gardens Gerda Eck
Jun 4 (Sun) Lacamas LakeTerry Lawson
Jun 8 (Thu) Peninsula Park- Class A rescheduled to 6/15 Audrey Perino
June 13 (Tue) East Portland Buttes - Class D Maureen Covell
Jun 15 (Thu) Peninsula Park- Class A Audrey Perino
Jun 16 (Fri) Rescheduled to July 18 Chaz Shaw
Jun 19 (Mon) Sauvie Island - Class A/B Gisela Piercy
Jun 27 (Tue) S Molalla River - Class B Maureen Covell, Rich Fuhs
Jul 1 (Sat) Buena Vista - Class B Allen Burrell
Jul 6 (Thu) Cascade Locks/Yeon/MultFallsGerda Eck
Jul 13 (Thu) Kelly Pt Park Audrey Perino
Jul 18 (Tue) Inter-state Bridges Ride - Class B Chaz Shaw
Jul 22 (Sat) Trolley Trail/Lake Oswego - Class C Dave Crout
Jul 28 (Fri) Willamette Valley - Class A/B Terry Lawson
Aug 3 (Thu) Bike-n-Dine: Springwater to Boring - Class A Audrey Perino
Aug 10 (Thu) Banks/Vernonia - Class B Allen Burrell
Aug 19 (Sat) Old Germantown Rd - Class C Dave Crout
Aug 24 (Thu) Trolley Trail class A Gerda Eck
Aug 26 (Sat) Puget Island Chaz Shaw
Sept 7 (Thu) Peninsula Park to Pier Park Bike - Class A Audrey Perino
Sept 16 (Sat) Canby Ferry Dave Crout
Sept 24 (Sun) Milwaukie-Redland class C Terry Lawson

Bicycle trip Ratings

To help you in choosing the difficulty of the ride, the following is suggested:

  • A for up to 20/25 miles without hills;
  • B for 20-40 miles with little hills;
  • C for longer and hillier rides.

Bicycle Outings

Watch this space for overnight bike outings

Bicycle Committee

Name Position Contact Information
Allen Burrell Bicycle Coordinator 503-654-1353