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All visitors and Trails Club members are encouraged to enjoy the great Northwest outdoors by selecting a hike, bike ride or other event from this calendar. Gentle Reminders provides explanation of hike difficulty and hike guideline. Detail description of common meeting is available at Meeting Places.


Date Day Event Description
Week 1
2-4 Fri-Sun Tyee Open
Week 2
6 Tue TCO Board meeting MMC (to be confirmed)
7 Wed Morning hike - Class A/B
9-11 Fri-Sun Tyee back pack planning weekend and food drying weekend
Week 3
15 Wed Morning hike - Class A/B
15 Thur Blazer Deadline
17-18 Sat-Sun  
Week 4
21 Wed Morning hike - Class A/B
23-25 Fri-Sun John Day Back Pack: Class A
Week 5
28 Wed Morning hike - Class A/B
30 - April 1 Fri - Sun Deschutes River Backpack – Class B



March 2-4 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open

Tyee will be open from 7 PM Friday March 2 to Sunday March 4th at 1 PM. Breakfast and Dinner Saturday as well as breakfast Sunday will be provided for the usual fees. Gluten free available.
Register With: Sheryl Wagner by text or call at 503-319-2989 or drwagnernd@yahoo.com


March 7 (Wed) Morning Hike – Class A/B

We begin our hike at 9:30 am and hike 4 to 6 miles, for 2 to 4 hours, somewhere in the Portland metropolitan area.
This week meet at 9:15am at NE 44th and Fremont near Barrett Automotive, on the Northside of Fremont. On street parking on 44th. There is a Grand Central Bakery on the South side of Fremont for your morning treat and bathroom before the hike. Many restaurants in this area for lunch.
Leader: Gerda Eck 503-804-4214 gerdaeck@comcast.net

March 9th-11th (Fri-Sun)Tyee back pack planning weekend and food drying weekend

The Trails Club of Oregon is a hiking club. This weekend we will prepare dried foods for back packing meals. Bring your food dryer. We will prepare and possibly trade off dried meal plans. Bring your food drying books and foods you will need to prepare your dried meals. We will also try to plan a back pack for every weekend throughout the summer. There are many people who lead. The TCO is interested in developing back pack leaders for all lengths of hikes from 3-6 miles to 15-19 mile per day hikes. Durations for hikes can be as short as one overnight to a week long back pack or more on the beautiful trails in our area and away. I will bring a large calendar and try to get back packs and possibly day hikes scheduled with leaders. We will discuss protocol and safety of a hike leader. Bring your hiking books and ideas.
We will plan a day hike for Saturday leaving the lodge around 11:00AM. Meals will be be provided Sat lunch - Sunday lunch. Standard meal charges apply ($27.00 total). Bring your own food if coming up Friday. Standard lodge fees apply.
To Register go to TCO Meetup page. www.meetup.com/Trails-Club-of-Oregon/events/246246748/
Host: Linda Conrad lcgrconrad@aol.com


March 14 (Wed) Morning Hike – Class A

We begin our hike at 9:30 am and hike 4 to 6 miles, for 2 to 4 hours, somewhere in the Portland metropolitan area, often in Forest Park.
This week we begin our hike at 9:30 AM at Sellwood Riverfront Park, SE Oaks Park Way & SE Spokane St, Portland, OR 97202. This is the Sellwood park down by the river.
Leader: Wayne Schweinfest, 503-253-3073, WSchweinfest@msn.com


March 21 (Wed) Morning Hike – Class A/B

We begin our hike at 9:30 am and hike 4 to 6 miles, for 2 to 4 hours, somewhere in the Portland metropolitan area, often in Forest Park.
Hike today will be from Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, leaving promptly at 9:30 AM. This will be a 5 mile hike over one hill and down to SE Division. We will visit the Reid Estate, Western Seminary and then to see small public art exhibits. One restroom in Laurelhurst Park at the beginning about quarter mile from start.
Meet at SE 26th and SE Belmont.
Leader: Sue Holmes, 971-212-9540, sueholmes28@yahoo.com

March 23-35 (Fri-Sun) John Day Back Pack: Class A. Total miles 12+

We will meet on Friday afternoon to drive to Cottonwood Canyon State Park. We will back pack the three miles down river to the pinnacles and set up a camp somewhere along the river. On Saturday we will hike 3 miles back to the camp ground and then another 3 miles up river and camp. We can day hike to the top of the ridge if desired. On Sunday we can hike out and do a day hike on the south east side of the river; approximately 6 miles round trip. The park has a great history display. Full of relics from the past and sun shine. Bring your own food, warm clothes, rain gear, tent, warm sleeping bag, insulated pad, gloves, hat, long johns. I believe we can have a fire, but I will research that. There are river otters, eagles, hawks, snakes, deer, mountain sheep. A beautiful are to explore. If you cannot make it Friday, we can plan to meet up with you on Saturday morning. There is a cost is for car pooling.
Rgister: On Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Trails-Club-of-Oregon/events/246248473/
Leader: Linda Conrad


March 28 (Wed) Morning Hike – Get to Know Your Best Hiking Buddies: Your Poles! Class A/B

Hey, ol' dog! Are you ready to learn some new tricks? Please bring your pair of hiking poles for this 4.1-mile hike. By the time it's over, you'll be a better hiker! Leader Ken Kane will use this urban loop with 550 feet of elevation gain as the test track for a primer on the most efficient use of hiking poles. Ken learned these tips recently during a visit to Mexico which included a hiking pole class and hike similar to this one.
Proper adjustment of and technique in using hiking poles will be demonstrated by Ken and practiced by everyone as we trek along this loop in southwest Portland which comprises neighborhoods, parks, forest trail ... and stairs. Upon completion of this "course," you'll receive a "diploma!" We begin our hike at 9:30 AM in front of Hope Korean Presbyterian Church, 6437 SW Virginia Ave. (at Nebraska St.), in Portland.
Leader: Ken Kane, 503-522-9997, ken@woodbloom.com
Bonus: Check out Ken's Rancho La Puerta Album Here.

March 30 - April 1 (Fri - Sun) Deschutes River Backpack – Class B

This is our 5th annual Deschutes River Back Pack. We will hike from Macks Canyon to the Mouth of the Deschutes River, 22 miles. We will drive to Mack's Canyon. We will pay a shuttle driver to take our cars to the mouth of the Deschutes. The fewer cars the better. Cost per car for shuttle is $100. This will be divided between all hikers. We will back pack 6 miles day one, 6 miles day 2 and 10 miles out on Sunday Day 3. Day one there will be some mild up and down hiking in and out of old collapsed railroad culverts. Day 2 we will reach the Harris Ranch. Day three is an easy 10 mile hike out on a road with gentle down hill grade. We have a nice open barn we can chill in and build fire in old burning barrel. Nice place out of the rain and wind. There is room for some camping in the open barn. Bring your own food. Bring warm clothes; long johns, hats, gloves, rain gear, etc, tent, sleeping bag, winter insulated pads, camp stove, first aid kit, water bottles. Be prepared to hang food as we have encountered bears. We have spotted eagles, bears, river otters, deer, mountain sheep, raccoons, skunks and snakes.
Leader: Linda and Glen Conrad.
Register: On Trails Club of Oregon Meetup site.

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