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I am the new Trips Trustee. Ronald Silvis (forever more referred to as Ron) I have a background of twenty years in the Navy and eighteen years in the Post Office and am now retired. Retired I say, and enthusiastically dedicated our club and my position as Trails Club Trips Trustee.

With all this laid back retired time on my hands, I have volunteered to "Step Up" and be THE Hiking coordinator - (that's my job description). Besides, coordinating then going along is an exquisite fit with my goal of bike and hike until elusive fitness of his youth is found.

So, off the couch and into the woods. Come along, join in. Lets ALL do what we can to get all our Trails Club members trekking and sharing in the joy of our awesome NW outdoor playground.

We can never have enough Hiking Committee Volunteers, Hike Leaders or Club Hiking Participants.
WANTED: Trails Club long time member whose B and C hikes days are dwindling. We need someone who wants to stay involved as Hiking Awards Coordinator. Share the experience of our long milers by assisting them in keeping track of what, where and how far they've gone. If this is you please send an email to me.

Ron Silvis - Trips Trustee TripsChair@trailsclub.org

Weekly Hikes

There is (almost) always a Wednesday morning hike, that typically takes a half day somewhere in the Portland metro area.
During the summer months there also are Wednesday evening hikes meeting at Wallace Park in NW Portland. These hikes typically last two hours.
Note: Wednesday Evening hikes are starting in April This year!
There are coordinators for these weekly hikes (see below) that are always looking for leaders. So join the group and volunteer to lead occasionally.

Hike Schedule

See our Events page to see the monthly hike schedules.

There is always a need for hike leaders. If you have a favorite hike you want to lead please contact the Trips Trustee.

Please see the Cold Weather Guideline For Trips for information about preparing for winter trips

Trip Leader Forms

Trip leaders use these forms to document a club sponsored hike.
The Trip Log form is used to register participants and have them sign the Recognition of Risks and Declaration of Intent.
The Trip Leader Report is used to summarize the trip. After the trip both forms and money collected should be sent to the Event Committee Chair or Club Trips Trustee.

Trip Log Form PDF Word
Trip Report Form PDF Word

Emergency Report Forms

These forms are carried by hike leaders and used when there is an emergency on the trail.
The Emergency Rescue Request Card is used to record important information when someone goes for help.
The Emergency Contact Information Card form is information each hiker should carry in case of an emergency.
The Emergency Contact Information Form is to be used for extended trips involving transportation, risk and extended stay away from home.

Emergency Rescue Request Card PDF
Emergency Contact Information Card PDF
Emergency Contact Form PDF Word

The following files are information for trip leaders to use to plan their trip.
Leading Trips: Information for all trip leaders.
Hike Information: Distance, elevation gain, and driving distance for a lot of hikes.
Leader Tips: Suggestions and tips for hike leaders. Especially helpful for new hike leaders.
Hiking with The Trails Club: A pamhlet with club hiking guidelines.

Leading Trips PDF  
Hike Information PDF Word
Leader Tips PDF Word
Hiking with The Trails Club PDF  

Hiking Coordinators

Name Position Contact Information
Eric Berg Trips Trustee   TripsChair@trailsclub.org
Help needed here Weekend Hike Coordinator  
Kathy Pollock Wed AM Hike Coordinator 503-341-9441 pollockkathy@ymail.com
Cathy Schiedler Wed PM Hike Coordinator 503-234-1839 catherineschied@gmail.com
Help needed here Hike Awards Coordinator  

Hike Awards Mileage tracking

Beginning January 1, 2009 Trails Club members will be responsible for tracking their own mileage if they are interested in competing for the Mary Lou Greene High Miler Award and the Una Davies High Traveler Award to be presented at the annual banquet. The Mary Lou Greene Award is presented annually to the member who accumulates the most total miles on TCO-sponsored hikes, backpacks, snowshoes, skis, and a percentage of bike rides. The Una Davies Award goes to the member who has hiked the most new miles on the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon and Washington. Application forms for the awards will be available from Carolyn Jenkins, the Trips Trustee.

Awards applications forms and Policies are available on the Forms page in the member's area.