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The Trails club owns and operates two lodges. Nesika Lodge, in the Columbia River gorge, serves as a base for hiking and other summer activities.


Tyee Lodge, on Mt Hood near Government Camp, is a base for year round activities including skiing and snowshoeing.

Lodges are available for use only by club members and their guests. Lodge users are charged a nominal lodge fee to use the lodge facilities. Sleeping areas are dormitory style bunk rooms. Lodge operation is cooperative with everyone helping out with the chores.

The lodges are maintained at monthly work trips during the summer months. Lodging and meals are provided free to those who come to help out. See the lodge schedule (below) for the dates for lodge work trips.

Members who have been checked out to operate the lodges can schedule lodge visits visits when the lodges are not in use by other club activities. Events can be either pre-register hosted events (providing food) or as Host Only events (Bring you own food).

During our winter season Tyee is hosted by volunteer lodge hosts each weekend. We depend on these kind souls to keep our winter home open. Please contact the Tyee Host Coordinator if you can host a weekend this winter (December - March).

Information about scheduling, hosting, and volunteering in the lodges has been put on a members Information page. Use the links at the right to go to specific information.

Nesika Road Status

The road to Nesika is currently open. Access from Larch Mountain road only

See a full report here.

Attention Lodge Key Holders

You do not have to be a cook to open and host at our lodges! "Host Only" events are a great way for those with limited cooking (or planning) skills to get the lodges open without the work of cooking for a crowd.

Lodge schedule requests can be made by e-mail using the lodge e-mail addresses Tyee or Nesika @ trailsclub.org.
Or Contact VP Bill Yandon wkyandon@earthlink.net 503-538-3643 to check on or schedule the dates

Tyee Schedule:

It is time to get the Tyee Winter hosts lined up. Please contact the Tyee Winter coordinator Mya White to schedule your weekend. E-mail: tyeewinter@trailsclub.org

Hosts will have the lodge open from about noon of the first day listed until noon of the last day listed unless otherwise specified in the write-up.
Meals (when provided) are Dinner on the first day through Breakfast on the last day. Lunches are not generally provided.

Date Event Description Contact
2017 weekends
Jan 7-8 (Sat-Sun) Tyee Open cancelled due to weather Callista and Paul Snivel
Jan 13-16 (Fri-Mon) Tyee Open Pete Nelson
Jan 20-22 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Raya Budrevich
Jan 27-29 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Linda Conrad
Feb 3-5 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Pete Nelson
Feb 10-12 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Gerda Eck / Allen Burrell
Feb 18-20 (Sat-Mon) Tyee Open Diane Brook
Feb 24-26 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Sheryl Wagner
Mar 4-5 (Sat-Sun) Tyee Open ?? Need Host
Mar 11-12 (Sat-Sun) Tyee Open Vicki Wood
Mar 18-19 (Sat-Sun) Tyee Open Paul Cutter
Mar 24-26 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Pam Moore
Mar 28-30 (Tue-Thu) Tyee Open Raya Budrevich
Mar 30-31 (Thu-Fri) Tyee Open - Host Only Randy Dietrich
Mar 31 - Apr 2 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open Agnes Prescott
April 28 - 30 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Open - Host Only Paul Cutter
June 9-11 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Work Party Chaz Shaw
July 7-9 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Work Party Chaz Shaw
Aug 11-13 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Work Party Chaz Shaw
Sep 8-10 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Work Party Chaz Shaw
Oct 13-15 (Fri-Sun) Tyee Work Party Chaz Shaw

Nesika Schedule:

Date Event Description Contact
April 7 (Sun) Nesika Road Clearing Day Linda Conrad
April 15-16 (Sat-Sun) Nesika open - host only Linda Conrad
May 6-7 (Sat-Sun) Nesika open - host only Tim Kutscha
May 19-21 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad
June 10-11 (Sat-Sun) Nesika Music Weekend Glen & Linda Conrad
June 23-25 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad
July 14-16 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad
Aug 11-13 (Fri-Sun) FA event Pam Moore
Aug 18-20 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad
Sept 15-17 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad
Oct 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Mushrooming weekend Pam Moore
Oct 20-22 (Fri-Sun) Nesika Work trip Linda Conrad

Lodge Contacts

Name Title Contact Information
Linda Conrad Nesika Lodge Chair 360-837-3787 NesikaChair@trailsclub.org
Chaz Shaw Tyee Lodge Chair 503-702-3094 TyeeChair@trailsclub.org
Lodge Reservation Requests
Joel Reitz (VP) Nesika Lodge   Nesika@trailsclub.org
Joel Reitz (VP) Tyee Lodge   Tyee@trailsclub.org
Mya White Tyee Winter Coord
Dec - March
503-330-7009 TyeeWinter@trailsclub.org

Nesika Lodge

Nesika Lodge is our "Home in the gorge". It is located on the rim of the Columbia River gorge surrounded by the Columbia River Gorge National Senic Area. The main lodge, a stone and log structure mainly built by club members, provides day facilities including a full kitchen centered around a wood burning range, dining space, game areas, and plenty of space to sit around the fireplace. A local water system and generator provide water and power for the lodge.

The main lodge is supported by two dormitories that provide bunk room sleeping for about 60 people in 3 sleeping areas. Other outbuildings include a generator building, wood shed, tool shed, and outhouses for use in the winter months.

Nesika is normally reached by trail. The more scenic approach starts from the Columbia River highway at Multnomah Falls just 30 miles from Portland. The route follows along Multnomah Creek with its many waterfalls and cascades, then cuts through Multnomah Basin and a tall timbered area, a total distance of about four miles. The other main approach is by road via Palmer Mill road near Larch Mountain, then by trail. The road is gated so you must have a key to drive in.

Nesika Lodge is an ideal spot for large or small parties with the opportunity to take numerous hikes in the surrounding area, or just take an easy stroll out to the viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular view of the Columbia River Gorge.

Nesika History

Nesika Lodge was built in 1923, a rustic log cabin located on the club's own property in the Columbia River Highlands, between Multnomah Falls and Oneonta Creek, at an elevation of over 1800 feet above the Columbia River.

The original lodge served the club well for many years, but time and nature finally won out. After over 60 years of use the old log cabin was no longer fit for use and plans were made to replace it.

The original lodge was replaced with a log and stone lodge that was dedicated in 1997. The new lodge has a masonry base with a log roof structure and should serve the club for many years to come. The main lodge provides day use areas, kitchen, and summer rest rooms.

The main lodge is supported by two bunk room style dormitories that provide 3 separate sleeping areas each seeping up to 20 people. "Redwing" was rebuilt in 1988 and served as a kitchen and dining hall during lodge reconstruction. The "Multi Use Dorm" has recently been refurbished with tight walls and new windows and provides 2 sleeping areas on two floors. All sleeping areas have wood stoves for the cooler months.

Tyee Lodge

Tyee Lodge is our "Home on Mt. Hood". The lodge is situated on Forest Service land near Government Camp, and 60 miles from Portland. It is close to Summit Ski Area and the Alpine Ski Trail. Other ski areas are readily accessible. The terrain surrounding the lodge has a gentle slope, making it an attractive area for beginning skiers and snowshoers. The lodge serves as overnight headquarters for many hikers and snowshoers using the area.

Tyee facilities include a full kitchen, large dining area, lots of fireplace seating, drying room, and winter equipment storage. Sleeping accommodations for 22 women and 22 men are provided in bunk style dormitories.

Tyee is reached in winter by a short quarter-mile trail starting at a point four-tenths of a mile up the Timberline Road. In summer the lodge is reached by driving about one mile up the West Leg Road.


Tyee History

Tyee Lodge was officially dedicated on September 28, 1952, with the kitchen and dining room addition being built in 1958. Most of the work was done by club members. A minor remodel was done in the 1970's to get the lodge to meet health and safety requirements. The basement shower was added at this time. The shake roof was replaced with a metal roof in 2004.