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All the information you need to host the lodges is here! Information On the main page (schedules, etc.) is not duplicated, so you may have to go back to the main Lodges page (see links on the right).


Lodge General Information

Lodge Events: Our lodges are open many weekends and holidays throughout the year for our members and their guests to enjoy. This is made possible by our members who volunteer to host or cook at an event. On event weekends the lodge is usually open from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Reservations are required to stay overnight and for meals. Please review all of the information below before registering for a lodge event.

Types of Events:
Hosted events have a member host and at least one cook. Meals, usually dinner and breakfast, are provided at the lodge for a reasonable fee (see Meal Fees below). They must be scheduled with the Vice President and published in our newsletter and on our web site. Hosted events are open to members and their guests.*
Host Only events have one member host. Meals are not provided. Everyone is responsible for their own food or a potluck item. They must be scheduled with the Vice President and published in our newsletter and on our web site. These events are open to members and their guests.*
Special Group requests are made by a member who wishes to hold an event, such as a family reunion or another group, where there will be more than 5 guests per member. These events are scheduled with the Vice President, who will submit the request to the board for approval. The event may be non-published and only noted on the lodges calendar. The requesting member serves as the lodge host and has all of the responsibilities of a lodge host. Members are allowed to use the lodge during these events if space is available.
Incidental Use is unscheduled, non-published visits to the lodges by a member and their guests*. The member is responsible for the proper operation of the lodge, submitting their lodge fees for themselves and their guests, and leaving the lodge clean and ready for the next group or event. Qualified members may use the lodges at any time, but are encouraged to check the Lodges schedule so they are aware of other scheduled uses of the lodges.

* Each member may bring up to 5 guests to the lodges (This includes all children). Guests must be registered by a member. Lodge hosts will not accept reservations from non-members.

Lodge Rules:

  • The overriding rules at the lodges are always Common Sense and Courtesy to Others. Please make an extra effort to cooperate with the other lodge users so everyone enjoys their time at the lodge.
  • All persons using the lodges are to sign the register, even if they do not stay overnight.
  • No smoking, intoxicants, pets or firearms allowed.
  • Minors using the lodges must have adult supervision.
  • Use of the kitchen area must be approved by the cook.
  • Storage of food is not permitted in the dorms.
  • No open flames allowed in the sleeping areas.
  • All users of the lodges are expected to help with the kitchen chores and lodge clean-up.
    Everyone is responsible for leaving the lodge clean for the next group.
  • All garbage must be hauled out and no food is to be left behind other than club staples.
  • The lodge trustee and the lodge chair must approve any modifications to the lodge buildings or property. Contributions of equipment and materials must also have prior approval.
  • Any major projects must be approved by the Lodge Committee.
  • It is the responsibility of everyone using the lodge to see that lodge rules are followed.

Lodge Fees

The following rates apply for both Nesika and Tyee as of May 1, 2017:

Lodge Fees
Adult Member (18 and over) $15.00
Junior Member $10.00
Teen (age 12-17) $15.00
Child (under age 12) $5.00
Member Family Cap $40.00
Adult Guest (12 and over) $25.00
Guest's Child (under age 12) $10.00
Guest Family Cap $60.00
Day Use Fee $3.00

The Family Cap is the maximum a family from a single household pays per night for lodge fees. A family is defined as one or two adults from the same household and the minors that they are responsible for.

Day-Use Fee of $3.00 is charged to all members and guests staying at either lodge during the day (but not overnight). Drop-in hikers are exempt.

Unscheduled Openings Fee: There is a minimum charge of $35 per night for unscheduled openings either Lodge.
November 1 through April 30, there is a minimum charge of $75 per night for unscheduled openings of Tyee Lodge.
The minimum does not apply to scheduled and published events, or the unscheduled night before such an event. The standard lodge fees apply to all who stay the unscheduled night before an event. Events must be published prior to the event, in the Blazer or on the club web site, to qualify as a scheduled opening.

Meal Fees: The meal fee is $5.00 for Breakfast, $7.00 for Lunch, (when included in the meal schedule) and $8.00 for Dinner. Children younger than twelve (12) are half price. Meal fees may be higher if announced in the event description or at registration.
If you are registered for a lodge event that involves a food expense and don’t attend you are still obligated to pay for your share of the food costs.

Registration: Contact the host listed in our newsletter or on our web site to register for a lodge event. The deadline for registration is usually the Wednesday prior to the event before 9 p.m. unless a different deadline is stated. Members may make reservations for themselves and up to 5 guests. Lodge hosts will not accept reservations from non-members.

Cancellation: If you need to cancel, contact the host as soon as possible. Members and guests are obligated to pay for their share of the food costs if they are no shows or cancel after the deadline. Contact the host for amount due and payment instructions.

Fees Payment: Payment of fees should be made to the lodge Host, or sent to the Trails Club of Oregon, P0 Box. Lodge registration cards are stored near the lodge register. If cards cannot be located list names and fees paid in a simple list and include it with your payment.

Lodge Volunteer Opportunities

Work Trips: The lodges are maintained at monthly "work trip" weekends during the summer months. Lodging and meals are provided free to those that participate. See the club newsletter or web site for more information.

Hosting: Members in good standing and who have been approved to operate the lodges can volunteer to host. The host is responsible for scheduling the event, submitting an announcement, taking reservations, opening and closing the lodge, enforcing lodge rules, making sure that the lodge is clean for the next group, collecting lodge fees, and completing and submitting the lodge forms and fees to the club’s PO Box.

Cooking: The lodge cook may be a member or a guest of a member. The cook is responsible for planning the menus, shopping for the food, transporting the food to the lodge, preparing and serving the meals. Cooks typically provide a dinner and breakfast during an overnight event. Lunches may also be provided on multi-day events.

Benefits: At published "Hosted" events the lodge overnight fee and meal fee are waived for the host and one cook. When more than 15 people are served meals, an additional assistant may be added who also receives their overnight fee and meals free of charge. At the discretion of the host/cook team additional assistants may be added for every 15 people served. At published “Host Only” events the lodge overnight fee is waived for the host. The Tyee winter Unscheduled Opening fee is waived for Hosted events. Lodge events must be published in the newsletter or on the club web site a minimum of seven days prior to the start of the event to be eligible for fees waivers.

Training: Lodge opening and closing training is typically held during Lodge Work Trips. Host and Cook training are held once or twice a year and covers Lodge Rules, Host/Cook instructions and Lodge forms.

Keys: Those who have been a member for over a year and frequently host or attend work trips may request a personal lodge key by submitting a key request form (available on the web site) to the clubs PO Box for approval by the Board of Trustees. Borrowing another member’s key is prohibited. Loaner keys are available for hosts from the lodge chair.

Lodge Scheduling

Lodge Scheduling Policies

The following policies are used for scheduling and reserving our beautiful lodges. These policies help ensure that lodge availability is fair for all club members.

  1. The lodges are for the sole use of our members and their guests.
    The Trails Club does not rent our lodges to private groups or individuals.
  2. Members in good standing and who have been approved to operate the lodges can schedule the lodges for Hosted, Host Only, or Special Group events or make incidental use of the lodges when the lodge is not in use for another activity.
    All lodge users are encouraged to be aware of other events in the lodges and do their best to coordinate and cooperate with events before, during, and after the lodge visit.
  3. Board of Trustees’ approval is required for Special Group events where there will be more than five guests per member. A member who schedules a Special Group event is responsible for their guests and will collect and submit the standard lodge fees. Other members are allowed to use the lodge during these events, if space is available.
  4. When members are using one of the lodges for Incidental Use, without a host, each member is responsible for sending in their own lodge fees and those of their guests, with a completed lodge registration card or lodge usage report to the club’s PO Box.
  5. The lodges are scheduled through the Vice President (see below).
    Tyee is scheduled with the Tyee Winter Coordinator Dec 1 through Mar 31.
  6. Events chairpersons (Winter Sports, Social, etc.) also need to schedule the dates of club events at the lodges with the Vice President.

Lodge Scheduling Procedure

This procedure is used to make sure scheduling conflicts do not happen and that lodge hosts are qualified to operate our lodges. Any member can make "incidental use" of the lodges at any time if they are qualified to operate the lodge. However, without scheduling, or checking the schedule, they may encounter an unexpected lodge event.

  1. Check for available date(s) on the club web site at www.trailsclub.org/events/lodges.html to see if the lodge is already scheduled.
  2. Request your lodge date by e-mail. Send the request to the specific lodge e-mail address tyee@trailsclub.org or nesika@trailsclub.org. Request must include members name, dates requested, and type of use (Hosted , Host Only, or Special Group). Using these e-mail addresses will send the request to the appropriate people.
    Note: During the winter months (Dec - March) Tyee lodge is scheduled by a winter coordinator. Contact the winter coordinator TyeeWinter@trailsclub.org to schedule Tyee lodge during these months.
    The Vice President (April - Nov), or Tyee Winter coordinator (Dec - March) may be contacted by phone if e-mail is not available.
  3. If board approval is required, the VP will make the request at the next board meeting. You will be notified you when your date is approved.
  4. The VP will notify the webmaster to place the event date, event name and contact name on the Lodges calendar.
  5. After your event has been approved, it is your responsibility to submit an article to blazer@trailsclub.org before the Blazer deadline prior to your event, to get your event’s information published in the newsletter and placed on the web site. When writing an article for your weekend you should include anything special about the weekend. If you know there will be many small children, or plan to play games until dawn, mentioning this will help get a compatible crowd. What meals will or will not be served, if it’s a potluck, special foods (vegetarian, etc.) should be mentioned as well.
  6. If you need a loaner key, contact the lodge chair so one can be mailed to you before your event.
  7. A host packet, with all the forms and complete instructions, can be downloaded from the links below.
  8. After your lodge event, the hosting forms must be promptly completed and returned, with the lodge fees, to: Trails Club of Oregon, Box 67095, Portland, OR 97268.


Lodge Forms Packets

These packets are used by lodge hosts at Tyee and Nesika during social and work trip weekends. Each form packet is a set of forms for the type of event. this makes it easy for hosts to get everything they need in one download. Individual forms are available below.

Nesika Lodge
Nesika Host Packet PDF
Nesika Work Weekend Packet PDF
Tyee Lodge
Tyee Host Packet - Winter PDF
Tyee Host Packet - Summer PDF
Tyee Work Weekend Packet PDF

Lodge Forms

These forms are included in the packets above. You do not need to use these to host if you are using one of the packets above.

The Lodge Host form is used to register people and track lodge hosting fees and costs and for hosted lodge events.
The Lodge Usage Report is the report returned the club after a hosted lodge event. It provides all the information our lodge chair and treasurer needs from a lodge host.
Excel versions of these forms are not in the packet files, they must be downloaded from the links below.

General Lodge Forms
Lodge Host and Cook Instructions PDF  
Lodge Host Form PDF Excel (xlsx)
Lodge Usage Report PDF  
Work Trip Weekend Sign-up Sheet PDF Excel (lxs)
Tyee Forms
Tyee Winter Open and Close PDF  
Tyee Summer Open and Close PDF  
Tyee Operation PDF  
Tyee Task List (Winter) PDF  
Tyee Task List (Summer) PDF  
Nesika Forms
Nesika Operation PDF  
Nesika Task List PDF  
Other Lodge Forms
Lodge Key Request Form PDF