Nesika Road Status - Fall 2017

The road into Nesika has been closed by the Eagle Creek fire. Until the condition of the road has been assessed no one should go anywhere near the lodge.

Larch Mt. Road and Palmer Mill Rd are currently closed to public access.
When public access is restored to Larch Mt. Road and Palmer Mill Rd, no body should go beyond the green gate in a car or on foot until further notice.

Palmer Mill Road

The heavy rains in winter of 2011 were not kind to the road. There is impassable damage on Palmer Mill road between Brower and Multnomah Basin Road. The damage on Palmer Mill Road, between The basin road and the clear-cut is extensive.
About 50 feet of road just above the old quarry has been eroded down about 6 feet. The section about 1/4 mile above that has erosion in various places 12 - 18 inches deep.
This will be a major repair job. We have not word about when, if ever, the USFS will repair this section of road.

For the forseeable future access to Nesika wil be via Larch Mt. road.