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Outings Forms

An outing is any club activity of more than one day’s consecutive duration. Outings should reflect the stated purposes of Trails Club, which are "to foster and stimulate interest in hiking, climbing, skiing, camping and other similar outdoor ac

tivities; to promote activities of a

social and recreational nature for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and generally to encourage and promote the physical and mental capacities of its members."

The Trails Club is not a travel agency, and the leader is not a tour leader but rather a fellow explorer who is willing to take on the tasks of leadership.

Any member can organize and lead an outing if they meet the Trails Club leadership qualifications. The Trips Committee provides approval and oversight of all Trails Club outings. The Outings Coordinator for the Trips Committee is the first point of contact for any outing proposal.

Backpackand Bicycle multi-day trips are coordinated by their activity Coordinators. The activity Coordinators or the Trips Trustee are the first point of contact for any trip proposal for these activities.

All outings should follow the Outing Policy and Procedures approved by the board of trustees. This document includes forms for planning outings.

Outings Coordinator Susan Saul 360-892-5643 Outings@trailsclub.org
Trips Trustee Ron Silva   TripsChair@trailsclub.org

Outings Forms

The forms here are for use on outings.

Outing Policy and Procedures is the complete policy document that describes club policies for outings, planning information, and all the forms an Outing Leader needs. All leaders should read this entire document. Copies of basic Participant forms are included.
Note: Please contact the Outings Coordinator if you are planning a new outing. The coordinator will help you get your outing scheduled and approved and help you prepare participants forms.

Outing Policy and Procedures PDF  

Participants Forms are the forms that participants need to register for, and attend, an outing. A packet of forms will be created for each outing and made available with the outing description (below).