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Snowshoe Leaders

Watch for the trip schedule when snow starts flying in the mountains!
See the activity coordinators contact information below

Be sure to take a look at the Winter Sports photos from some of our recent trips. Photos or links to your on-line albums can be sent to the webmaster.

Please see the Cold Weather Guideline For Trips for information about preparing for winter trips

Trail's Club Cross Country Skiing

Do you enjoy cross country skiing and have a special area that you would like to share with others? We haven't had any cross country ski trips through the Trail's Club in a while and we are in need of members who would be interested in helping get our ski trips going again this winter.
If you would like to lead a trip please contact our x-country ski coordinator
Bill Yandon at 503-538-3643 or by e-mail at wkyandon@earthlink.net
Please support him by leading a trip this coming winter.

Snowshoe Leaders & Enthusiasts

Hello snowshoe people! Time to plan for another good season up on the mountains. We are looking for club members willing to lead trips for the club this winter. Any snowshoe trip would be appreciated, so you're free to decide where and how long a trip you do.

The club needs a Snowshoe Coordinator to promote and help schedule these trips during our snowy season. Please contact The Trips Chair if you would like to help.

Trips Chair Jeff Lawton tripschair@trailsclub.org or 503-422-6456

Snowshoe & Cross Country Ski Schedules:

If you have a favorite trip you want to lead contact the activity coordinator (see above).

Snowshoe Schedule:

Date Event Description Leader
December We need some trips! YOU!
Jan 17 (Sat) Bird Butte Snowshoe Tour - Class Stiff A Kelly Marlin
Jan 31 (Sat) Government Camp Snowshoe – Class A Pete Nelson
Feb 1 (Sun) Government Camp Snowshoe – Class A Pete Nelson

Cross Country Ski Schedule:

Date Event Description Leader
December We Need Some Trips YOU!
Jan 18 (Sun) Mt. Hood XC ski - Class B Brian Carlson
Jan, Feb, Mar We Need Some Trips YOU!

Winter Sports Coordinators

Name Position Contact Information
Jeff Lawton Trips Trustee Chair TripsChair@trailsclub.org
We need help here! Snowshoe Coordinator  
Bill Yandon X-Country Coordinator 503-538-3643
Mya White Tyee Host Coordinator 503-330-7009