Henry Waespe Distinguished Service Award

The highest honor the Trails Club can bestow is the Henry Waespe Distinguished Service Award. This recognition is given to an individual who has served the Club both well and long. It is given not for a single achievement, but for a record of service to the Club in various capacities. It remembers Henry Waespe, who spent almost a lifetime serving the Club he loved.

Year Name
1985 Norm Greene
1986 Ding Cannon
Graham Townsend
1987 Darrel Tarter
1988 Lee Squier
1989 Ray Ellis
1990 Arlene Ellis
1992 Jeanette Townsend
1993 Paul Sawyer
1994 George Milne
1995 Dottie Blatner
1996 Angelo Carella
1997 Nancy Tarter
1998 Julie Davies
1999 Dallas Swogger
2001 Wayne Schweinfest
2002 George Blinco
2003 Jerry Reneau
June Smelser
2004 Leonard Murphy
2005 Randy Dietrich
2006 Gerda Eck
2007 Fern Anderson
2008 Merrill Hugo
2009 Walt Garvin
2013 Carla Haake
2014 Ann Dudley
2015 Sylvia Milne
2017 Art Stangell